Contact us for any question at Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions: 

1. I have seen many webs offering decals for guitars, stickers, wraps, it all the same?

It should be, but you have to take into account the following:

  • A. They are manufactured with a vinyl which allow removal without leaving any residues on your guitar in case you decide to remove it.
  • B. You are getting a specific product for your guitar model, and not something which obligates you to use scissors. You will not get a professional result if you have to cut the shape of your guitar.
  • C. You are not looking for something to be forced to disassembly your guitar


2. Do I have to disassembly any part of my guitar to stick StickySoul stickers?

No. All our stickers are thought and made to save you from disassembling your guitar. You will receive your sticker in an envelope and you just need to open and apply it. In case of any doubt you can watch videos on our website or on our youtube channel.


3. Is it difficult to apply or remove StickySoul stickers?

Our vinyls are extremely easy to apply. As the shape fits the model of your guitar, you will not have any doubt how to position the sticker. If you don’t succeed at the first try, don’t be afraid to try it as many times as you need to.


4. Do StickySoul stickers leave any residue on my guitar after using it?

Not at all. You can trust all StickySoul products. Our vinyl decals are specific for delicate surfaces. When you decide to remove them, your guitar will be as clean as it was originally.


5. Are StickySoul guitars official brands?

Yes. Our guitars are official models of the best brands and they all come with a warranty.


6. How does the product customizer-editor work?

You will find this product customizer in all our custom products, with which you can do the following:

  1. Add and upload your pictures
  2. Increase and reduce pictures size
  3. Move pictures position
  4. Rotate the pictures
  5. Distort the pictures


7. What are the quality requirements for my pictures to make my own design through the product customizer?

  1. We suggest to upload a minimum resolution of 200ppp and 2300px wide.
  2. High quality JPG or PNG are the ones we recommend.
  3. Try to use pictures no bigger than 3 MB, to avoid loading problems.